Metis Matters Radio Shows

Welcome to the Metis Matters Radio Show archives.

Métis Matters Radio Show

CFRO 102.7 FM

On air every Wednesday from 5:00-6:00 PM – Pacific Time

A good mix of Métis News, Views, History, Culture & Fiddle Music galore for Metis listeners! A Talk Show too! You can call us with your questions or comments.

Attention All Métis Citizens:

Keep “The Métis Matters Radio Show” On The Air!
“Métis Matters Radio Show” is asking it’s listeners to renew their support and join Co-op Radio in our “Yearly Membership Drive.”
Call 604-684-8494 and make a pledge and become a member to support this radio program. Try a $50.00 membership to start.

Tune In Locally To Weekly Broadcasts:

  • CFRO – 102.7 FM Radio
  • Vancouver Co-operative Radio –
  • Studios located at – 110-360 Columbia St., Vancouver, B.C.
  • Program is available via Cablevision hook-up to your FM radio, across BC, on the Starchoice satellite-Channel 845, and now carried on “Telus TV” Channel 718 across Canada.
  • On the world wide web at
  • You can also Listen to past shows at

On Air Number: (604) 684-7561 – It’s a talk show so you can call in during the show.

For more information on Métis Matters contact:

Nova Métis Heritage Association – Office
Host & moderator, Ken Fisher
Phone: (604) 634-0119

Cassettes or CDs of each show available Only $5.00. Order yours today! 604-634-0119

New Guests always welcome!


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